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We were delighted to have been part of the medical outreach at Dominion Chapel Kisumu. Women Pray International (WPMI) in collaboration with KMET, FACES, LVCT and the Kisumu County Ministry of Health were the organizers of the medical camp. The services offered focuses on both adult and Children. The partners took different roles in ensuring that all was successful. Some of the services offered were cervical cancer screening, HTS, family planning and general health education.
Massive number of patients turned out for the services taking into consideration  the doctor’s strike hindering majority of people from accessing quality health care hence the event was timely enough. Some of the clients who were not able be examine were referred to KMET gynecology clinic for further investigation.
We were also able to use the platform to create M-tiba awareness a new mobile phone service that allows one to save money specifically for healthcare purpose. The M-tiba and the KMET burners created a wide visibility.
The data from the event indicates only a few vulnerable women turned out for Cancer screening as majority went for other services, these still calls for awareness creation. We have an opportunity to examine cancer control strategies to identify winning formulas that will accelerate progress, we all have to ensure fewer people develop cancer and more people are successfully treated.