Community health volunteers training under kmet's huduma poa social franchise

KMET under huduma poa social franchise program held a three-day orientation workshop to train community health volunteers drawn from Western, Nyanza and of Rift-valley regions on family planning and community health strategies. The comprehensive three-day meeting was meant to ensure their improvement on reporting and documentation of health cases to support data management, and to discuss communication and community mobilization strategies to increase access to Family Planning and comprehensive health care in the community.

KMET Chief Executive Officer, Monica Oguttu applauded the CHVs in their exceptional work in helping curb challenges faced in households though provision of FP services. Through group discussions, the participants were able to share their experiences in handling cases of family planning in households. They were also able to establish obstacles in family planning services, with the main barrier being myths and misconceptions.

The workshop that provided the CHVs with essential tools of trade that included; counselling bags, referral books, daily registers and counselling books at the end of the orientation, was wrapped up by moments of joy as the participants were awarded certificate of completion.