KMET Breaks Silence On Unsafe Abortion to mark Sept 28 

September 28th is recognized internationally as a day for grassroots activism against unsafe abortion and is one of the most significant global events celebrated annually in the Reproductive Health calendar.
On this day, KMET took the lead in breaking the silence of unsafe abortion by engaging the locals through Media buy generic viagra online Urban Radio and conducted a community in-reach to provide Sexual Reproductive Health information and services to women of reproductive age.

Speaking at Urban Radio KMET Executive Director mentioned that among the big five causes of maternal deaths, unsafe abortion has always contributed to the highest proportion even though it is the least discussed. She emphasized that unless we talk about it, our girls will continue with the ignorance.
An in-reach  conducted at KMET, brought  together young women from the community around who benefited from a reproductive health information as well as free health services  .