Peace messaging in schools

These are messages developed for use in schools and in the communities to promote peace, safety and security of the children to give them hope in our society. These was facilitated by KMET in collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE)

KMET trains 16 private hospitals from Kisumu County on management of PPH using the ESM-UBT

26 healthcare practitioners of various cadres are currently undergoing a training on management of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) using the Every Second Matters Uterine Balloon Tamponade (ESM-UBTTM) at the KMET Health Complex.

Uncontrolled PPH (bleeding after birth) is a leading cause of maternal death worldwide and accounts for over 2000 deaths in Kenya annually. If not managed effectively a healthy woman can die within two hours after developing PPH.

According to Kisumu County Health Information and Records officer, Mr. James Otieno, the county has recorded an increase in maternal deaths this year due to the protracted nurses’ strike in the public sector that has rendered most clients especially pregnant women helpless.

The industrial action has also seen the private sector catering for an unusually huge number of patients hence the KMET-facilitated training is a move to improve preparedness of the private health facilities to handle maternal health emergencies-especially PPH.

The training covers active management of third stage of labor (AMTSL), basic PPH management, and emergency PPH management which includes use the ESM-UBT to manage bleeding.

The ESM-UBT is an evidence-based, low cost, effective, easy to use and safe solution for uncontrolled PPH and is assembled and distributed by KMET through the KMET Centre for Maternal Health Innovations Centre. It can arrest PPH in 5 to 10 minutes and has recorded a 97% survival from uncontrolled PPH among critically ill women.

Over 350 lives in 15 counties have been saved by the kit since its roll out in 2012 in the country in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Ministry of Health Kenya.


The benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. Breast milk is the safest and healthiest food a mother can ever think to give her baby. It is easily digested and provides all the nutrition a baby needs for the first six months.  Studies have it right that babies who breastfeed have better mental development and emotional security. They also have better jaw and tooth development and stronger immune systems.
  In addition to containing all the vitamins and nutrients, a baby needs the breast milk the first six months of life, breast milk is packed acheter du cialis en ligne with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. In line with improving maternal health, KMET under Nawiri project in consortium with care Kenya had 100 mothers graduating for successfully participating in mother-to-mother support groups for a period of six months. The mothers were taken thorough exclusive breastfeeding, benefits of breastfeeding to both a mother and a child among other topics under a child nutrition.
KMET in collaboration with Care Kenya, Family Health Option and Ministry of Health is implementing Nawiri project  whose main objective is to  advocate and create demand for access and utilize quality maternal and child nutrition services in Siaya County

Public participation policy review meeting

KMET through the Governance project held a three-days meeting with stakeholders from Kisumu County to come up with a final document from a draft copy of Public Participation Policy for Kisumu County. Representatives from the office of Kisumu County Budget and Economic Forum (CBEF), Plan International together with other CSOs met at a Kisumu hotel to review the draft document (Public Participation Policy) before is handed over to the executive office of the county and county assembly for its approval.
The Public Participation Policy is anchored on the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and relevant Acts of parliament particularly the County Government Act 2012.
Citizen participation and involvement in budget allocation with County Governments have not been fruitful following the challenges faced by Kisumu residents. There have been obstacles.
The purpose of the Public Participation Policy is to clearly communicate the expectations of the Kisumu County to staff and community, as this will help everyone to know when they should consult and why. It is further to buy viagra online without prescriptions help the community and/or people to understand and encourage them to contribute to the democratic participation and decision-making processes of the county government. The community and/or people will have the opportunity to influence how county government functions through effective and meaningful public engagement processes. This would lead to improved and sustainable policy decisions to govern Kisumu County.
The document has gone under a series of reviews, from the first stage to the fourth stage. This follows concerted efforts by the same partners in 2016 that saw the County pass a County Public Participation Bill.
The final document will soon be handed over to the County Executive office, the County Assembly and finally its launch.
The Governance project is implemented in collaboration with Concern Worldwide with support from the European Union.