Huduma Poa Health Communication and Marketing(HCM) Program

Huduma Poa Health Network is a Social Franchise ran by Kisumu Medical and Education Trust KMET through the support of USAID in partnership with PSI/Kenya. The franchise was officially launched on January 30, 2013.

The network is currently made up of 80 privately owned and operated Health Facilities serving urban and rural underserved populations. Currently, the franchise operates in 15 counties drawn from the former Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley Provinces. Majority of franchisees comprise of small, stand-alone medical clinics that are owned and operated by a registered nurse, clinical officer or medical officer and staffed by a few other health workers.

The network employs an Integrated Approach in promoting provision of Primary Healthcare Services including Family Planning Method Mix; HIV Counseling, Testing, and Care; Prevention of Mother to Child Tansmission of HIV/AIDS;HIV/AIDs Care and Treatment; Cervical Cancer Screening and Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) . The range of integrated services provided through the Huduma Poa Health Network is expected to increase in scope from one implementation quarter to the other.

The network aims at harnessing skills and energy of private health providers to integrate health services to ensure franchisees are a one – stop shop for the target underserved communities.


Franchise Components:

    Demand creation Team: The franchise has an established demand creation component comprising of 110 community health workers (CHWs) and 4 demand creation officers whose primary role is forge linkages between the facilities and target communities in line with the MOH community strategy to mobilize surrounding communities in ensuring sustainable demand and utilization of quality health care services that are accessible and affordable to consumers of health services accessing care at the social franchised facilities. These is targeted at accelerating the uptake of the much desired service- mix, marketing of the outlet and strengthening of the brand and positioning statement (Huduma Poa Health Network, Quality Healthcare for all) that symbolizes the quality of services offered to the community. Two (2) Community Health Volunteers are assigned per social franchise outlet, and each CHV receives branded materials, pictorial aids and reporting tools.The CHWs have been taken through trainings to effectively enhance contraceptive knowledge, demystify existing myths and misconception associated with family planning; promote positive attitude at the community level. They submit their monthly reports to KMET.
    Quality Assurance department: The franchise has a team of Quality Assurance Officers who uses variety of capacity building approaches including, workshops, on-the-job training, coaching and mentorship, dissemination of appropriate IEC materials to improve skills and enhance capacity of franchise health providers to provide quality health care services that meet the demand of target communities.
    Medical Credit Fund: An integrated KMET program that supports innovative healthcare financing to ensure improvement of quality of care provided at the franchised facilities and thus equitable access to critical health interventions. This involves provision of loans and technical assistance aimed at improving the quality of the health clinics, leading to expanded and improved healthcare services for ultra-poor within its operational regions.

Membership and Up-Scaling:

KMET continues to expand its social franchise. Facilities who are not members of any franchise are assessed based on an established eligibility criteria; those who qualify are enrolled as per the laid down enrolment procedure. They sign a 1 year renewable MOU with KMET (Franchisor) at the point of enrollment. Improvement of quality, scale and scope of services in the newly enrolled facilities then commences based on facility’s position at the point of entry into the social franchise and their potential to offer integrated primary health services.