Break the silence on unsafe abortion


Unsafe abortion cases are rarely told in our communities and even when they are told, they are just whispered. Not talking about it openly does not mean they don’t occur.


During a maternal health community conversation forum in Kaluo, One of the male champions moved the community members when he told the story of a neighbor who died after an unsafe abortion procedure.


The male champion says he had earlier on approached the young girl to go for a contraception method but she ignored the advice.


A few months later, the girl was pregnant. Once again the male champion talked to her so that she could start attending neonatal clinic but it fell on deaf ears.


Three months later, the girl and her boyfriend decided to do away with the pregnancy and decided to seek the services of unskilled village midwife.


It is alleged that she was pricked with some sharp metal rod and the foetus came out; but that was not all. The rod scratched the walls of her womb too and she was bleeding profusely.


Sadly enough, the girl still did not go to the health facility immediately to seek for help. When she was finally overwhelmed and rushed to the hospital, she died even before she could be attended to.


As simple as that, another mother had died and her death was recorded in the maternal mortality data!


This story resulted to the community members discussing in length issues around young people accessing contraceptives to help reduce unwanted pregnancies hence reduce unsafe abortion.


The Kaluo community is very grateful to KMET for the introduction of maternal health community conversation sessions since they are able to fight maternal mortality even at the community level by addressing issues that risk a mother’s life.