About Us

Welcome to KMET.
KMET is an indigenous Kisumu-based non governmental organization established to promote quality health and education services across Kenya. KMET was founded in 1995 and registered under the Trustees Act in 1996. KMET is committed to serving underserved communities in the spheres of Maternal, Child and Family Health. KMET operates in 35 of the 47 counties in Kenya as well as regionally in East and Central Africa. KMET is managed through a Board of Trustees which ensures that the projects are managed according to KMET policies and The Laws of The Republic of Kenya.

  • Vision

    Communities with accessible, sustainable Quality Health and Education services and facilities.

  • Mission

    KMET exists to promote innovative and sustainable Health and Education Programs among underserved communities.

  • Goal

    Integrating Reproductive Health (RH) into core community development activities (Ref. ICPD Cairo Conference, 1994)

  • Board of Directors

    Monica Oguttu

    Mrs. Oguttu has held this position since 1996. KMET is an indigenous organization committed to promoting health and education among underserved communities with an aim of changing different practices and policies with regard to quality health care services.

    Prof. Khama Rogo
    Prof. Khama Rogo is trained obstetrician-gynecologist, Khama earned his MD/PhD in gynecologic oncology from Sweden. After a successful career in academic medicine in three continents, Khama embarked on international health where he has been an articulate and steady voice in reproductive health and rights for over two decades. Khama is committed to community health, especially reproductive health and actively participated in the key conference on safe motherhood (Nairobi 1987), ICPD (Cairo, 1994), Beijing (1995) and Safe Motherhood plus 10 (Colombo, 1999). Dr Rogo has served as consultant to the UN/WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, USAID, SIDA, DANIDA the Dutch government and DFID, as well as many other international organization.

    Dr. Thomas Kwasa
    D.r Thomas holds a master of medicine in internal medicine, certificate in Tropical medicine, internal Senior Lecturer in internal Medicine and Neurology at University of Nairobi. Specialist physician, specialist neurology, specialist in HIV control and education, specialist in medical care for special UN mission in counties under conflict.

    Tom Mboya Ogollah
    Tom holds a Bachelor degree in science (B.Sc.) Computer Science, 1991-1995 KCITI Nairobi and a certificate in computer Operations, computer/information Technology Administration and Management, 1993-1994.Director of GIS and valuation Role, County Government of Kisumu. Committed to giving solutions to the county government business based on GIS systems. Coordinating county spatial plans and land rates to generate Revenue using modern Technology.

    Peninah A. Achola
    Penina is a community Health and Development and Nursing. She’s been involved in a number of scientific and social research, she has lecture in different field including the faculty of health science among other areas, and she has fund raise with partner and network
    Peter Schnurman
    Peter schnurman hold a master in social service from the university of Fordham and Bachelor in Arts from Queens Collage of the City University of New York. Peter is more focused in empowering people, organization and communities as a whole.

    Dr. Solomon Orero
    Solomon Orero Is an Obstetrician /Gynecologist and international and international maternal consultant. He is renowned for success in conceptualizing, implementing innovative RH programs that improve access and delivery of the various components of RH to a diverse group of population and as a leader for improvement of facility and community based health service delivery including the private /public sector partnership for RH care delivery. Orero has worked in southern Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana with different donors such as USAID, PPFA, IPPF, World Bank, AJWS and PEPFAR