Center for Maternal Health Innovation (CMHI)

CMHI is a Limited by liability Company, a social enterprise wing of KMET that promotes healthy behavior among the target populations, using social marketing approach to reach to most underserved communities with innovative health –products and services to attain nationwide distribution.

The enterprise is run by a team of qualified Business development, Sales, and Pharmaceutical sales personnel that work with both Public and private sector to ensure the products move through the trade levels from the appointed distributors to the retailers.

All Products of the CHMI are assembled within KMET Health Complex under strict quality adherence. (UBT and KMET Reusable Sanitary towels)

Marketing, Sales, And Distribution Strategies of CMHI
CMHI uses evidence-based total marketing approach, to promote health products and services in both Private and Public – a process that provides better understanding of the problem and of the target audience, thus enabling application of effective interventions in the vast maternal health area.

Borrowing from KMET’s advocacy, we employ; product promotion, demonstration and health talks to building the capacity of health service providers to create demand for the products.
Marketing Strategy
CMHI has adopted a multipronged marketing strategy that will be customized for different levels of the target market. These are:

The National level
At the national level, CMHI has:
Incorporated ESM-UBT in the list of essential medical supplies that are procured and distributed via the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) and the Mission for Essential Medicine (MEDs – on course) to public and faith based organizations. This will unlock a market of over 6,000 public and faith based healthcare facilities in Kenya. To achieve this, CMHI will engage the agencies and stakeholders that are responsible and/or influential in updating and introducing new technologies into the essential supplies lists of KEMSA and MEDs. These include:
Kenya Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (KOGS)
Ministry of Health (MOH) and KEMSA – to include ESM-UBT devices in product lists
MEDS– to include ESM-UBT devices in product lists
The Ministry of Health Division of Family Health – to include ESM-UBT package in standard treatment guidelines

Further, CMHI will engage the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to both incorporate the ESM-UBT device use as part of the benefit package and to require ESM-UBT devices for in any facility contracting with NHIF for the provision of maternity services in Kenya. A critical component of the engagement at this level is the presentation of the case for including ESM-UBT as an essential medical device. Robust evidence for the safety, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of ESM-UBT will be actively communicated. ESM-UBT will be positioned as a Key life-saving innovation with the potential for high impact in saving the lives of women in Kenya.

The County Government
At the county level CMHI has actively engaged with the county departments of health with the aim of:
Incorporating the ESM-UBT device into their lists for essential maternal and reproductive health commodities
Making budgetary allocations to purchase ESM-UBT
Procuring ESM-UBTs for all its level 3, 4 and 5 healthcare facilities – essential reproductive health supplies
This engagement has been through active participation in relevant technical working groups and engagement with county leadership (governor, County executive for health and finance, chief officers for health and finance, and county directors of health services). A key strategy for county level engagements will be the identification of key opinion leaders in maternal and child health in the county or region to make the case for ESM-UBT as an effective and cost-effective life saver for mothers.

KMET has recognized the need for its involvement in enterprise development and strongly encourages. Business investment through the IGA component which engages in business and financial sector Related activities (microfinance), production sector (nutri-flour, reusable sanitary towels and UBT kits, Mama kits), consultancy services (BQSS), service industry (catering and conferencing, beauty and Hairdressing, sale of RH commodities .The goal is to Enhanced efficiency in business operations to increase productivity and sustainability with an Objective to provide innovative products and services that satisfy our clients’ needs