Young People’s Health & Empowerment

Research to date has identified young people’s perspectives on a number of health‐related topics such as smoking, alcohol, sexual health, physical activity and healthy eating. Whilst this body of research draws important attention towards young people’s views on topical health concerns, it arguably remains located within a pre‐defined agenda; thereby marginalising young people’s own, and potentially different, frames of reference when discussing health. In light of this omission, the aim of this paper is to examine young people’s own understandings of health in line with their own frames of reference.

  • Sisterhood For Change (SFC)

    Since its inception in 2006, the KMET SFC youth center provide youth friendly health services, vocational training, recreational activities and safe spaces for girls to engage in discussions and express themselves freely especially on sexual reproductive health issues. The project empowers girls through vocational training in the areas of food and beverage ,hairdressing and beauty, and tailoring and dressmaking. The girls also produce reusable sanitary to other girls in and out of school. To date, the school has graduated more than 1000 girls with whom majority have ventured into starting their business hence self-employment.

  • Brain Trust

    Learning network of adolescent known as Brain trust is a network of organizations working on girl child programs in Kisumu, Siaya and Migori Counties. The network was conceptualize in August 2008, on the realization that many organization both rural and urban based operate with no organized network. The program aims at bringing together girls, network members and other stakeholders to share learn and develop programmatic guideline that will strengthen the girls’ programs in the three counties which will impact skills, healthy attitude and behavior change through sharing experience and best practices. The program is currently working with 13 CBOs from Kisumu, Siaya and Migori Counties.