Quality Healthcare

The private health sector is a major source of healthcare in many countries. In Kenya, the sector is fragmented and quality is inconsistent particularly in small and medium-sized healthcare facilities (Health SMEs) where I is difficult to attract investment capital, despite the substantial demand in providing more than half (>50%) of health services. The Health SMEs are often not able to meet banks’ requirements for annual statements, collateral and business plans. KMET in collaboration with Medical Credit Fund, Pharm Access foundation both from Netherlands supports a quality financing project to bridge between demand for and supply of capital in order to advance quality of healthcare services through provision of affordable loans. The loans are anticipated to stimulate efficiency and quality in the healthcare system. Healthcare facilities benefit from technical assistance on quality improvement

Through Safe Care standards and financial management. Within the strategic period (2016-2020), quality healthcare department anticipates to disburse Kshs.1 Billion in form of loans.

  • Health communication and Marketing (HCM)

    KMET in partnership with population service –Kenya (PSK) and the united states Agency for international Development (USAID) is implementing a private sector intervention dubbed health communication and marketing (HCM) program .The program has an objective of improving the behavior of Kenyans related to family planning , maternal and child survival and in particular decreasing unmet need for family planning (uptake of voluntary long –term family planning methods), better birth spacing and better prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses. By the end of this program, the three partners expect increased use of quality health service and product through social franchising of health service .KMET runs a social franchise of private clinics known as Huduma poa spread across the Country.

  • Medical Credit Fund (MCF)

    MCF is a partnership between KMET ,the medical credit fund of the Netherlands ,PharmAccess , the ministry of health and local banks with the aim of providing accessible and affordable healthcare financing and technical assistance to private primary healthcare facilities .The overall goal of the program is to provide health financing and technical assistance to primary private healthcare facilities which in turns will stimulate efficiency and quality improvement in the healthcare system.

  • Nawiri

    KMET in partnership with CARE international Kenya , Amref Health Africa working closely with Siaya County Government department health , Matibabu foundation ,family health options Kenya (FHOK) are implementing a maternal and child nutrition project dubbed Nawiri that aims at improving the nutrition status of mothers and children in Siaya County. The project which has been implemented for three years had an objective to increase access, enhance coverage of quality maternal and child nutrition, thus contributing to the reduction of preventable deaths and improve nutritional status of residence within Siaya County.

  • Afya Uzazi

    The goal is to Strengthened delivery of targeted FP/RMNCAH Services at Community level in Baringo and Nakuru Counties.

  • Clinic services

    KMET runs clinics ,2 static located at the KMET health complex in Tom Mboya estate and community mobile clinic .They all serve the informal settlement in Kisumu Sub counties with a cover of more than 240,000 people in 125,000 households. The clinic offers quality and affordable preventive and curative service that include :
    • Family planning
    • Ante-natal and post-natal care
    • Immunization
    • Youth friendly services
    • Cervical and breast cancer screening.
    • Laboratory service
    • Pharmacy
    • Dental service
    • Maternal Ultrasound
    • Gyneo Services

  • Changamcha watoto

    KMET in partnership with PATH through funding by Conrad N. Foundation is implementing a 2-year project dubbed Changamsha Watoto (Stimulate the Children) aimed at integrating responsive care and stimulation approaches for children 0–3 years in the private health sector in Siaya County. The project is implemented in 5/6 sub counties in Siaya namely; Ugenya, Ugunja, Gem, Alego Usonga and Rarieda and in 11 private health facilities under the Huduma poa Health social franchise. The project is designed to improve the quality of caregiver-child interactions in order to ensure responsive stimulation, and enhanced parenting skills that promote the optimal development of young children. The ECD content is integrated into multiple touch points such as; community health